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I demand your complete submission. You will have limits and so will I. I will respect you, but you will respect me even more. I realize you have feelings coursing through your veins as do I. However, my feelings are more important. At the end of the day, you will always know who's BOSS - ME! No matter where in the universe you may travel, you will be thinking of me - Ms. Sophia.

Shoe of the Week! 05/16/11

Shoe of the Week! 05/16/11
Alexander McQueen

Shoe of the Week!

Shoe of the Week!
Alexander McQueen

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Submissive's Devotion

As I've mentioned before, and will continue to remind Myself and My readers, I am blessed to live the life I live.

The current "Shoe of the Week" is courtesy of a certain submissive wanting to show his devotion towards Me.  He is kind, intelligent, educated, well spoken, generous, a shoe whore himself and a joy to be around.  When he called to schedule another session with Me, at the end of our conversation, he threw in that he'd like to take Me shopping for shoes.  Well, those of you that have been following My blog know Me well enough to know that I couldn't possibly say "no" to him.  Quite a nice surprise.

We went to Nordstrom and the "show" began.  My usual salesperson wasn't working that evening, but someone just as doting to My needs was.  he brought Me shoe after shoe after shoe to try on.  he, too, had that certain glimmer in his eyes as he helped Me put on and take off each pair of shoes requested.  My submissive sat quietly nearby taking it all in... enjoying every moment of it and remaining obedient.  This outing was just as much for him as it was for Me... not to mention, a tease for him and all those who were watching.  After an hour of slowly pacing back and forth in front of the mirror with each pair of shoe I tried on, I finally decided on the Gucci's.

My submissive later told Me that evening how badly he wanted to crawl between My feet as I was trying on each pair of shoes and as I was walking back and forth in front of the mirror.  This just confirms that what I do, I do well.  And, I enjoy every moment of it.

It's not about the shoes or any of the gifts I may receive from a submissive.  Those are just "things."  It's about their devotion for Me... the relationships that are created and built over time.

And while I keep reminding Myself that I am blessed to have crossed paths with certain individuals in My life, they are even more blessed to have crossed paths with Me and to be serving Me.  It is an honor and privilege for them.

Ms. Sophia

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  1. Very lovely shoes and a wonderful story, Ms. Sophia.

    So how would one go about worshipping those shoes? So much to cover, it would take forever.