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I demand your complete submission. You will have limits and so will I. I will respect you, but you will respect me even more. I realize you have feelings coursing through your veins as do I. However, my feelings are more important. At the end of the day, you will always know who's BOSS - ME! No matter where in the universe you may travel, you will be thinking of me - Ms. Sophia.

Shoe of the Week! 05/16/11

Shoe of the Week! 05/16/11
Alexander McQueen

Shoe of the Week!

Shoe of the Week!
Alexander McQueen

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Bitch, My Cuckold

I guess you could say I wear the pants in the family.  But let's be clear about one thing - those pants are tight, they're leather and they're designer.  Nothing but the finest for Mistress.  Anyway, I've always been the Boss in any relationship for as long as I can remember and I've gotten better at it over the years.

Being in an FLR can be loads of fun... amusing at times and quite humiliating for my bitch.  He's obedient at times, but when he begins to step out of line, I step in and put him back in his place.  Lately, he's been a little too "bitchy" always whining or complaining when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it.  Really now... Who the fuck does he think he is?!?  So I decided to put him in his place, once again, to remind him who's Boss (Me) and who's the bitch (him).

For those of you who may need to catch up to speed on this topic... Cuckolding has become quite popular and more acceptable than ever in today's society. A cuckolding couple consists of the bitch/husband who is referred to as the cuckold. He may have a tiny dick and rarely is ever able to sexually satisfy his wife. The wife in a cuckolding relationship is often referred to as a "hot wife" and gets to pick and choose who she has sex with. The person that she picks to have sex with is often much more well hung than her bitch/husband and is able to satisfy her sexually.  (Oh, the joy of multiple orgasms!)  This person is referred to as the bull, stud or the alpha male.

The bull is the lucky man that the hot wife chooses to be unfaithful to her bitch/husband with.  They may date regularly or meet somewhere, just once, and get right to it.   So, why be a stud?  Why not?!  The stud gets to fuck a hot wife without having to wine and dine, date her, or worry about any sort of long term relationship and feelings with her.  With a hot wife, the bull can fuck her whenever they are both available without anyone ever having to worry about mixed feelings or any relationship drama. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Whether or not the cuckolded bitch/husband is involved depends on the individuals in the cuckold relationship, but most importantly, to you!  After the bull is done having sex with the hot wife, the cuckold may also have to "clean up" both the wife's pussy and the stud's cock as a sign of respect.

One very important rule to keep in mind, though... Don't ever fall in love with your bull!

Moving on... I arranged a "date" with a fine, handsome, well endowed young bull.  I had My bitch prepare My bath and bathe Me.  When I got out of the tub, he dried Me off and I had him kneel before Me.  "She" was right there in front of him.  I made him look at Her.  I made him take in Her scent.  My bitch was aroused.  I could see a twinkle in his eye.  He tried to contain himself and not smile.  And then I told him that he would be missing out on Her for being the whiny bitch he's been lately.  Complete disappointment overcame him.  Did I care?  Not in the least bit.  And then he dressed Me.

He drove Me to My date and I made him wait outside in the car... for hours.  I took the keys from him so he'd have no form of comfort or entertainment while I was away.  This would give him plenty of time to let his mind wander and wonder what I was doing without him.  My date eventually walked Me to the car and gave me a long sensuous kiss good night as My bitch watched.  As we drove away, My bitch told Me how turned on he was about every aspect of that night, especially waiting in the car for Me knowing...imagining... what I was doing and who I was doing it with.  I turned to him and smiled and told him he should have actually seen what was going on behind closed doors.  I turned away and smiled even more... the wheels turning in My head... next date!...

Ms. Sophia


  1. Dear Ms. Sophia,

    This is really one of the hottest posts I've read in a long time. I've had cuckolding fantasies for years and this story completely captivated and inflamed me. There is just something so deliciously, submissively, and humiliatingly sexual about a "hot wife" who understands the needs of her cuckold and generously gives him everything he craves.

    It is an amazingly bonded and intimate sharing, I think, to the domme who offers it and the submissive cuckold who surrenders to it.

    Ah to dream....

  2. Yes it's good that you wear the pants, such beautiful tight leather pants. You have a lovely bottom, Ms. Sophia, one that commands worship and obedience. Here is a kiss for it.

  3. your husband is a very lucky man. I would dream of trading places with him in a instant without complaint.